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Boss Babe Podcast Episode: No such thing as overnight success

Ya’ll, I am so sick of seeing these posts about how people are making thousands of dollars each week by just posting once or twice a day on social media. THAT IS A LIE. Do not fall into the trap of wanting overnight success. It is not possible. I take that back...only one way- winning the lottery. But even then, are you successful or just lucky? Success means something different to everyone. I personally see myself successful when I make a positive impact on other people and in turn it makes me feel valued.

This overnight success theory came about when network marketing aka multi level marketing became popular. I was a victim of many of these scams. I saw someone who had been in a while and was like that is what I want….but no one told me how much I was having to work to get to that point.

This is not a hate on the networking marketing companies. Because I know several people who have worked hard and have had success...but it is still not over night. They work endlessly to hit their goals and I am so proud of each of them.

I just want you to have your eyes open the next time you see one of these “become a millionaire in 10 easy steps” on Facebook or Instagram or even an ad on Amazon. There is no secret to becoming a millionaire...it is just pure hard work and grind.

Put your goals on paper, make a list to get them done, and push through the hard times….you will become successful!

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